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All component definitions in this configuration file.
These components are used and configured separately per site.


  - name: api-extensions
    short_name: apiexts
    source: git::ssh://
    version: 3b8ab91
      main: default
  - name: ct-products-types
    source: git::ssh://
    version: 1.4.0
    integrations: ["commercetools"]
  • name - Name of the component. To be used as reference in the site definitions.
  • version - A Git commit hash or tag
  • source - Source definition of the terraform module
  • integrations - Defines a list of integrations for the given component. It controls what Terraform variables are passed on to the components Terraform module.

Defaults to ["azure"] or ["aws"], depending on your cloud provider.
Could be any of: - azure - aws - commercetools - contentful

  • endpoints - Defines the endpoint that needs to connect to this component.
    Will setup Frontdoor routing or pass API Gateway information when set.
  • health_check_path - Defines a custom healthcheck path.
    Defaults to /<name>/healthchecks
  • azure - Configuration block for Azure-specific settings

Development settings

In addition to the default set of component settings, a couple of settings can be defined during development.
These are not intendend to be used for a production deployment, but can facilitate local development:

  • branch - Configure the git branch of the component. Only used to facilitate the mach-composer update CLI command.
  • artifacts - Mapping of additional artifacts AWS only
  • script - Script file to build and package the component, relative to the workdir.
  • filename - Filename to be used for deployment, relative to the workdir
  • workdir - Work directory for the script/filename, relative to current work dir (default)


- name: my-component
  source: ../mach-component-my-component/terraform
  integrations: ["aws", "commercetools", "sentry"]
  version: latest
      filename: .serverless/
      script: yarn package
      workdir: ../mach-component-my-component/

More info on using MACH composer during development



  service_plan: default
  short_name: apiexts
  • service_plan - The service plan (defined in service_plans) to use for this component. Set this to default if you want to use the MACH-managed Consumption plan.
  • short_name - Short name to be used in cloud resources. Should be at most 10 characters to avoid running into Resource naming limits.
    Defaults to the given components name