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Autonomous component deployments

We want to provide the ability for components to deploy themselves independently of other components, through their own CI/CD pipelines. This will allow teams to operate more independently of other teams, while still building within a larger composable architecture.

In design phase

This feature is currently being designed, so consider this page our current thinking around the implementation.

How would it work?

Each component is in fact a Terraform module that can be executed individually when provided with the required input parameters. Our current thinking is that MACH composer ☁️ will provide all input parameters (Terraform variables) for each of the sites that this component needs to be deployed to. And after the deployment is done, the output parameters will be stored in MACH composer ☁️ again.

sequenceDiagram participant D as Developer participant S as SCM participant CI as CI/CD participant MC as MACH composer participant MCC as MACH Composer☁️ participant TF as Terraform D->>S: Merges new code S->>CI: run build and tests CI->>MC: deploy component action MC->>MCC: fetch required configuration MC->>TF: execute terraform apply for each site MC->>MCC: send outputs