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AWS deployments

HTTP routing


The endpoints logic is deprecated and will be removed in a future version of MACH composer.

The preferred way of routing traffic to your components is through creating a dedicated site component to manage these resources instead

If any component used in a MACH composer stack is defined with an endpoint, MACH composer will create the necessary resources to be able to route traffic to that components.

The information needed for components to add custom routes to that API Gateway are provided through Terraform variables.

Default endpoint

If you have defined your component with a default endpoint, MACH composer will create an API Gateway for you which includes a default AWS API Gateway domain.

  - name: payment
    source: git::ssh://
      public: default
    version: ....

This default endpoint doesn't need to be defined in your endpoints' definition.

Custom endpoint

A site might have a couple of endpoints defined and for each endpoint MACH composer will create:S

  • API Gateway + default routing
  • ACM Certificate (with DNS validation)
  • Route53 record on the zone auto-detected or configured on the endpoint

Route53 zone

MACH composer will not create and manage the Route53 zone itself but expects it to be created already as described in the prerequisites section.
It will try to look up that zone using the route53_zone_name setting.