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Mach Composer

All MACH composer specific configurations options. These govern how the application as a whole will function, where variables can be sourced from and which plugins are loaded, among others.


  version: 1
  variables_file: variables.yml



  • version (Number) Schema version to be used for this configuration. Currently only version 1 is supported.


  • variables_file (String) Define a variables file. Can be used instead of using the --var-file option. See variables for more information.
  • plugins (List of Block) List of plugins to be used. See plugins for more information. By default, the amplience, aws, azure, commercetools, contentful and sentry plugins are loaded ( see below for nested schema)
  • cloud (Block) Cloud specific configuration. See cloud for more information. See below for nested schema). If not set no cloud specific features will be used.
  • deployment (Block) Deployment specific configuration. See deployment for more information. If not mach-composer will default to site-scoped deployments. See below for nested schema).

Nested schema for plugins


  • source (String) The source of the plugin. This will be used to download the plugin from GitHub releases. The format is organization/repository.


  • version (String) The version of the plugin to be used. If not specified, the latest version will be used.

Nested schema for cloud


  • organization (String) The organization in mach-composer cloud this project belongs to.
  • project (String) The project name in mach-composer cloud.

Nested schema for deployment


  • type (String) The deployment type to be used. Currently site and site-component are supported. These will override the global deployment settings for this site