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MACH composer concepts

MACH composer is intended as the 'centerpiece' of your MACH architecture, and coordinates everything in terms of infrastructure, MACH services, sites and components configuration, and deploying all of that. Underneath Terraform is used to manage all of this.

A couple of concepts that are applied in MACH composer.

Single YAML configuration file for an entire MACH stack

For your MACH composer project, a single YAML configuration file is used to manage one or multiple MACH site configurations, your cloud infrastructure required for components, and the integration between MACH services and these cloud services.

Composition through serverless components

With MACH composer, you can develop serverless (microservice architecture) components and (re-)use and configure them across multiple environments or projects; each environment can have their own composition of those reusable components.

Within one YAML configuration, you can configure multiple sites that each have a different composition of components.

First class support for a number of MACH services and cloud platforms

MACH composer offers first-class support for a number of MACH services such as commercetools, Amplience and contentful. Also, it offers native support for the major cloud platforms, AWS, Azure and soon GCP.

First-class support means that the YAML configuration may contain attributes that are specific to the MACH service, as well as the ability to configure components to integrate with a particular MACH or cloud service.

Easy management of multiple MACH environments

MACH composer is intended to power multiple environments/sites from a single source. By copy/pasting an existing configuration, and making the necessary adjustments, MACH composer can roll out your new environment or sites.

Integration with CI/CD process

MACH composer is intended to run in CI/CD context and can be integrated into your (existing) CI/CD pipeline, for automated deployments of your entire stack.

This documentation offers guidance for implementing CI/CD workflows in GitHub Actions, Gitlab and Azure DevOps