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All component definitions in this configuration file. Components in this context define deployables that are available to roll out per site. These components are used and configured separately per site.


  - name: api-extension-products
    source: git::ssh://
    version: 3b8ab91
      - products/terraform
  - name: api-extension-orders
    source: git::ssh://
    version: 3b8ab91
      - orders/terraform
  - name: ct-products-types
    source: git::ssh://
    version: 1.4.0
      - commercetools



  • name (String) Name of the component. To be used as reference in the site definitions.
  • version (String) A Git commit hash or tag
  • source (String) Source definition of the terraform module


  • integrations (List of String) Defines a list of integrations for the given component. It controls what Terraform variables are passed on to the components Terraform module. Defaults to the cloud provider of the site as specified in the global config.
  • endpoints (Map of String, deprecated) Defines the endpoint that needs to connect to this component. Will set up Frontdoor routing or pass API Gateway information when set.
  • health_check_path (String, deprecated) Defines a custom healthcheck path. Defaults to /<name>/healthchecks
  • paths(String) Defines a list of paths which contain source code for a component. This is most useful when working with a monorepo, as it allows for filtering for updates (for example with mach-composer update --check). Default is empty, which will assume all changes are relevant
  • branch (String) Configure the git branch of the component. If left empty main will be used. Only used to facilitate the mach-composer update CLI command.