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You can define a predefined Sentry DSN for your components to use during runtime to report to your Sentry project.

It's also possible for MACH composer to manage the keys (and DSN values) for you. This allows you to generate a unique DSN per component as well as have fine-grained control over rate-limiting.

To let MACH composer manage your DSN values, you need to define an auth token, project and organization.

Create auth token

Create a new internal integration and choose Project: Admin as permissions.
The rest can be left empty.

Sentry config

Configure MACH composer

Use that token to configure your MACH composer environment:

The rate limits can also be defined/overwritten on site and component level

Integrate with components

When sentry is set as a component plugin, the component should have the following Terraform variables defined:

  • sentry_dsn

If the integration is set, MACH composer will;

  • Generate a new DSN for the component
  • Assign the DSN to the sentry_dsn variable

More information on the sentry integration on components

This repository contains the Sentry plugin for Mach Composer. It requires MACH composer >= 2.5.x

This plugin uses the Lab Digital Sentry Terraform Provider


  version: 1
      source: mach-composer/sentry
      version: 0.1.3

  # ...
    auth_token: "token"
    organization: "org"
    project: "default project"
    rate_limit_window: 21600
    rate_limit_count: 100

  - identifier: my-site
    # ...
      - name: my-component
        # ...
          project: "component project" # override default