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MACH composer Cloud is a platform and API to facilitate and coordinate work across teams that build composable architectures using MACH technology.

What we've noticed is when the number of teams on a project scales, certain issues arise that can only be solved by having a centralised API for MACH composer itself, which acts as a metadata service and provides the ability to work in a distributed way more effectively. This is why we've started work on MACH composer cloud.

Getting started with MACH composer ☁️

MACH composer ☁️ is an extension to MACH composer and uses GitHub for authentication. So if you have installed the latest version of MACH composer, you can simply log in or register with MACH composer ☁️ by executing this command:

$ mach-composer cloud login

While in private Beta, we will need to manually enable your account and create or add you to an organisation.

Get started

MACH composer cloud is in private beta

MACH composer ☁️ is very early stage. We try to release new features as often as possible and work with these in our MACH projects. So take into account a level of instability and backwards incompatibility as long as we're in beta. If you would like to know more about it, reach out to us via


Currently, we focus on building features that improve the way of working at larger scale, with many teams working on the same composable architecture project.

  1. Component registry ➡️
    Increase stability of component deployments, by introducing a centralised component registry.
  2. Autonomous component deployments ➡️
    Introduce the ability for components to deploy independently of other components, so that teams are less likely to block each other.