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Step 1. Installation

Install MACH composer

The easiest way to get started is by installing MACH composer locally to be able to perform a MACH composer deploy and make use of the developer tools.

MacOS and linux

brew tap mach-composer/mach-composer
brew install mach-composer


Windows support is experimental

Windows support is experimental and not yet fully tested. We recommend running MACH composer through WSL2.

Additionally, currently the latest version of MACH composer cannot be installed with Chocolatery. We recommend installing the latest version manually through downloading the latest available binaries from GitHub.

choco install mach-composer


You can always download the latest release via the GitHub release page

Install Terraform

Make sure you have Terraform installed on your machine.

On macOS and Linux we recommend using tfenv to easily switch between Terraform versions when needed.

  1. Install tfenv: Follow the instructions on
  2. Make sure you have Terraform installed
    $ tfenv install latest

For Windows, you can install it via chocolatey.

choco install terraform

Next: step 2

Next we'll set up our commercetools project