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Architecture guidance overview

Building MACH systems is a significant effort that spans many technologies, systems and methodologies. On this page, we will offer some (opinionated) guidance on how to build MACH systems as a whole.

Terraform guidance

Terraform is the infrastructure-as-code engine underneath MACH composer. Read more about how to use Terraform (and for what) on this page.

Designing your tenancy model

MACH composer is intended to facilitate multi-tenancy on top of a range of MACH services, microservices and integrations. This page describes what to look at when designing your tenancy model, from different perspectives.



explain about responsibilities in the system

Example architecture


create example architecture overview (diagrams)

Example AWS infrastructure


create AWS infrastructure example (diagrams), links to best practises (i.e. account setup)?

Example Azure infrastructure


create Azure infrastructure example (diagrams), links to best practises?