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mach-composer plan

Plan the configuration.

mach-composer plan [flags]


  -c, --component stringArray     
  -f, --file string               YAML file to parse. (default "main.yml")
      --force-init                Force terraform initialization. By default mach-composer will reuse existing terraform resources
  -h, --help                      help for plan
      --ignore-change-detection   Ignore change detection to run even if the components are considered up to date
      --ignore-version            Skip MACH composer version check
      --lock                      Acquire a lock on the state file before running terraform plan (default true)
      --output-path string        Outputs path to store the generated files. (default "deployments")
  -s, --site string               Site to parse. If not set parse all sites.
      --var-file string           Use a variable file to parse the configuration with.
  -w, --workers int               The number of workers to use (default 1)

Options inherited from parent commands

  -q, --quiet     Quiet output. This is equal to setting log levels to error and higher
  -v, --verbose   Verbose output. This is equal to setting log levels to debug and higher


  • mach-composer - MACH composer is an orchestration tool for modern MACH ecosystems